Raghunātha Sēthupathi 1645 AD - 1670 AD

He was loyal to the Nāyak ruler. He helped the Nāyaks by defeating the Muslims under Kutbkhan. In appreciation help the Nāyak ruler gave the privilege of celebrating Navarāthri festival at the capital city. The Nāyak ruler also donated places like Thirubhuvanam, Mannār Kōvil and Tiruchuli to Sēthupathi. He successfully annexed Dēvakōţţai and Arantāňgi. He helped Tirumalai Nāyak in his war against Mysore army. Tirumalai Nāyak recognized the valuable military services of Raghunātha Sēthupati and conferred the title Tirumalai Sēthupati on him. Sēthupati's loyalty towards the Nāyaks was over with Tirumalai Nāyak.

Raghunātha Sēthupati recaptured all the forts and places from the Nāyaks and became an independent ruler. Raghunātha Sēthupati patronized art and literature. He made Tamil and Telugu as official languages of his court. He encouraged Tamil poets namely Alagiya Chitramabala Kavirāyar and Amirtha Kaviāayar. He constructed the second Prakāram of the Rāmanāthswami temple in Ramēśvaram. The famous poet Tāyumānavar spent his last days under the Patronage of Raghunātha Sēthupati. After Raghunātha Sēthupati both Surya thēvar and Athana thēvar were in power for a very short duration in 1670.