CFA, founded in 2003 to resuscitate social & cultural values through the medium of music, has established itself as a dynamic organization, doing solid work in areas explored and unexplored. The trust will be involving in activities that inculcate our cultural values in the minds of young people, creating an avid interest in them to learn and practice the arts that are the embodiment of our national culture and in popularizing the works of great Vaggeyakaras (composers) to the music world, by way of lecture-demonstrations and thematic concerts.

Protecting the extinct instruments of Indian classical heritage like Chitravina, Jalatharangam, Mukhaveena, Veena, Nagasvaram and so on is yet another goal of the trust. It aims to train ideal listeners in all parts of this country to have the Visesha Vadyanubhava. Visesha—Vadyanubhava (Experiencing and enjoying music through these instruments); Visesha Vadya—anubahava (experiencing and enjoying these special or rare musical instruments).

The trust is also involved in publishing or promoting to publish value added books which will contribute significantly to the world of music. It conducts regular classes both privately and in regular educational institutions for the students who show aptitude to learn these arts. We also have a vision to do an in-depth study in Music-Therapy, with the help of music in general and these musical instruments in particular.


  • Periodically to conduct Concerts & Devotional music at Old Age Homes, as well as, Homes for the Mentally challenged and Physically Challenged Children and make the inmates enjoy music and give further support like food, cloths, medicine and education to those really in need.
  • Provide music therapy to the mentally challenged children which will be supportive to their medical treatment.
  • To do an in-depth study in Music Therapy to support and supplement the medicine.
  • The benefit of objects would be available to the general public and no part of the corpus or income of the trust property shall under any circumstances be given to any communal or sectarian object or association or on any communal or sectarian basis and the income and corpus of the trust property shall be utilized as aforesaid and as hereafter provided irrespective of considerations of any caste, creed, religion or sex.
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